What were your grades when you were in school? I want to be a doctor I have a's and b's I want to know if I am on the right rack

Sounds like you are. On the right track. Good grades are important, especially in the sciences. It's also important to get some experience in the health field, volunteer in a hospital, work summers in a nursing home etc. Finally, have fun and enjoy your life. Play sports, join a band, participate in clubs. Don't study ALL the time. Good luck in your journey. It's a long path but a fun and rewarding one. .
Getting . Getting into medical school is a competitive process. But good grades alone is not all that counts. You should try to get the best grades you can possibly get. On top of that, try to get involved in volunteer work that relates to the health care field. When you get closer to college, investigate the track record of the college regarding getting their students into medical school. Look for other leadership opportunities (again, volunteer work is always considered an asset). Hope this helps, and good luck!