When I walk as exercize my legs hurt, ankles & calves. Also I get fatigue as well. I am a diabetic taking many medications. Could it be my medications. I do not have any neropathy in my feet & can do other forms of exercize such as stationary arobics, weig

Easily tired legs. Even though you do not have a neuropathy, you may have claudication, a condition causing reduced blood flow to the legs. You should consult your physician who can check your pulses in your legs and refer you to a vascular surgeon if necessary.
A . A long term side effect of diabetes is peripheral vascular disease, which can decrease blood flow to the legs. Pain in your legs with walking can be a sign of poor circulation. It is crucial you keep your doctor aprised of your medical conditions and let him/her know about the pain. The pain may also be caused by poor circulation as a result of a blood clot in the leg. In the meantime, wear compression stockings to promote circulation, lie down with your legs elevated and good job on staying active. Also, look at your feet often to observe for any sores, as in case circulation is a problem, you'll want to take very good care of the parts of your body that may be affected by poor circulation. See your doctor. Your doctor needs to investigate this pain.