My ruptured eardrum is discharging yellow puss? Ruptured it watersking.

Infection. Most likely the ear drum perforated, water with bacteria entered into the middle ear, and now there is an infection. Recommend antibiotic drops such as Floxin (ofloxacin) or ciprodex, keep the ear dry and don't blow nose. Most perforations close but would see ENT if there is still drainage or hearing loss after a month.

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Please advise if it's normal to have yellow discharge for a few days after an eardrum rupture?

Yes. Yes, when an eardrum ruptures, it is often due to otitis media - pus behind the eardrum. So the pus will drain into the ear canal. In addition to oral antibiotics, your doc should prescribe eardrops to help with the disharge. Read more...