Is it possible that I have an STD without doing anything but sharing a sex toy with someone that I know doesn't have an std? I have a red rash on the part of my bottom that is close to the lady area and it looks like ingrown hairs. I just shaved down ther

STDs with toys? If you are 100% certain the toy was cleaned appropriately and your friend is clean and you're not involved with anyone else, then you cannot get an std and your rash is more likely related to your shaving.
You . You should not share sex toys. Stop sharing sex toys right away. Yes, it is possible to contract an std by sharing items like this. Also, it is unsanitary and puts your sex partners at risk. I recommend you get the rash assessed by a health care provider. It may be directly related to shaving, however it can also be genital warts or herpes. You do not want to spread this to others, so get this assessed and treated as soon as you can.