My kids are always fighting. How can I help them get along?

Helping siblings. Fighting among siblings is a universal issue. Some key points that help: mom & dad need to be on same page & agree & not fight in front of kids ever; praise good behavior as much as 10:1 for every correction you give. Modeling words & touching/behavior you want them to follow helps. Supernanny has many great pearls for this as does Dr. Ray Family Enrichment in SF also!
Have conference. If the kids are old enough, sit down for a discussion.Do so at a quiet time.Explain that when they fight/disrupt the house etc.It makes you feel sad, angry, whatever.You have decided that is not acceptable & worthy of punishment.Decide as a group the punishment due for the various infractions, yelling, hitting, pushing etc.Post it on the fridge & enforce it.Consistant penalties allows for choice.