I keep getting shin splints every time I play soccer or run for a long time. I'm 28 yrs old, weigh 189.5 lbs. I have to take a break for atleast 2 weeks. Before my pain goes away...Walking with the splints is difficult. Is this happenign because of lack of

If . If the pain occurs with running on the inside of your shin and doesn't linger too long or hurt so much that you limp it is probably "shin splints" or periostitis as opposed to stress fracture. If it is locally very tender and causing limp you should see a doctor. Periositis is often caused by excessive pronation overworking your tibialis posterior muscle. Stretching your calf, strengthening your tibialis posterior (medial side of your ankle), and wearing motion control shoes possibly with additional arch support may help. Weakness in the muscles that externally rotate your hip can also contribute. A physical therapist could help you with these exercises. If despite this no improvement, would check with sports doctor.
PEMF. Pulse electromagnetic therapy works very well for periostitis. I had a personal injury due to trying to lift a microwave and scraped this on my shin. The induration and hematoma immediately got better with pemf but the induration lasted total of 10 days. In addition you might need cat's claw and essential fatty acids to relieve pain. Handheld pemf device is available from http://almagia.Com.
I . I agree with dr. O'kane. To address your symptoms, you must address the entire kenetic chain. That means everything from your core to your big toe and includes proper mechanics and footweat as well as strength and flexibility. Seeing a physical therapist is a good starting point but, you may want to rule out a stress fracture in your leg. This could be accomplished by seeing your local sports medicine physician.