After the first month of taking my birth control, is it normal for my period to last for a very long time? I began to take my birth control in the beginning of august, during my last period. I chose to not take the last week of pills because I did not wan

Many possible causes. If you're taking the pills consistently without missing, it's not likely you would get pregnant, but there are many possible causes from infection-- even stds) to pregnancy to fibroids or a polyps keep track of your days of bleeding (write it down), keep taking your pills, and see your doctor.
You . You will need to observe your birth control regimen as directed until your hormones stabilize in your body. You are spotting because the hormine levels were disrupted and your body is compensating. Being compliant will help normalize your menstrual cycle. Also, there are birth control pills on the market that will make you have less periods in a year. Ask your doctor about switching to that if you want less periods.