I keep getting these headaches for the last week and they have gotten worse in the last few days plus I've been had a stuffy nose theyve been making me weak and I've been taking tylenol (acetaminophen) and putting cold compresses on my head

Sinusitis. It sounds like you have sinus disease. If you have a history of allergies, an antihistamine might help. If the symptoms are worsening, consider seeing your doctor as you might have a sinus infection which would require an antibiotic. Feel better.
Any . Any new or different headache, especially one that persists despite taking a pain medication (like tylenol) should be evaluated by a medical professional. Headaches can be from many different causes, and may accompany upper respiratory or sinus infections, but that type of illness would not typically make a person feel weak. Any vision problems, stiff neck associated with the headache, or fever over 102 are reasons to seek medical care immediately.