My two year old found and ate a bit of a choco laxitive will she be ok? She weighs about 26lbs and doesn't have a problem going to the bathroom she is asleep and seems fine but im very worried

Anytime . Anytime a child eats or drinks something they should not have such as a medication, cleaner, or non-food item, it's a good idea to place a call to the poison control center at 1-800-222-1222. They have the most up-to-date information and in fact are one of the resources emergency room doctors use when a child comes in sick because of something non-food related they ate. They can often tell you whether you need to worry or not and what to do. The good news is that odds are, your child will just have loose stools for a day or two, but it's worth placing the call since it's better to be safe than sorry. Legal disclaimer: I am providing this general and basic information as a public service and my response to this question does not constitute a doctor-patient relationship. For any additional information, advice, or specific concerns, please speak with your own physician. The information provided is current as of the date of the answer entry.