I am having leg pain in both legs I had back surgery a year ago I have diebeites I am wondering should I go to ER I've tried heat I have tried heat and ice I take my pain meds it is also unbearable to walk

Many things. First, is your back better? Do you still have leg pain referred from your back? If not, you probably have vein disease we treat diabetics with venous insufficiency all the time. You need to wear prescription support stockings, ambulate a little at a time to get up to at least 30 minutes a day, rice: rest in between, ice, compression, elevation. www.plebology.org get a vein work up.
Yes, . Yes, go to the er. It is not normal for it to be unbearable to walk. If you do not have a responsible adult to give you a ride, call 911. You should not drive if you can not walk. Severe leg pains along with your concurrent medical conditions (diabetes and history of back surgery) can be attributed to poor circulation in the legs. Diabetes can lead to poor circulation of the lower extremities and deprive your legs and feet of necessary circulation. The severe leg pain can also be attributed to a blood clot, butting off blood supply. Seek medical attention. A doctor can prescribe medicine or recommend surgicak intervention (if necessary) to treat blood clots.