Can I have a surgical stretch mark removal done at the same time as my abdominoplasy? I am having a abdominoplasy to remove excess skin from my stomach that I have from losing a lot of weight. I also have some shiny white stretch marks there, can I have a

The abdominoplasty.. Will remove the stretch marks that are within the football-shaped zone of skin and fat that is being excised. Stretch marks that are either high up on your abdomen, or fat to the sides might not be removed. Best to discuss with your surgeon in person, so you can get the details sorted out.
Abdominoplasty . Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) is designed to remove the excess skin around the abdomen, remove stretch marks, and tighten the abdominal muscles. The incision in created very low on the abdomen, so that it can be hidden in clothing. The goal is to remove all the skin between this incision and the belly button. The upper abdominal skin is then stretched over your abdominal wall and sutured to the incision low on your abdominal wall. So, abdominoplasty will remove the central stretch marks between the planned incision and the belly button. It may not remove all the stretch marks on the sides. Surgery will not remove the stretch marks above the belly button, in fact these stretch marks may appear slightly worse because the upper skin is stretched over your abdomen to reach your planned incision. Nevertheless, most patients are very happy with the final contour and reduction of stretch marks after an abdominoplasty. For more information: www.Dassmd.Com www.Dassmd.Com/tummy-tuck.