I am attempting to develop a care plan for case study in school. Many possibilities. 78 f from nh, 3 day history of abd. Pain & fever. Yesterday-temp of 102, n/v, BP 108/64 hr 108. She is npo w IV flds infusing. History of diverticulosis & hf. This am, les

This . This patient seems to be in sepsis, which is typically caused by an infection. Signs of sepsis include: cool, clammy skin, hypotension, tachycardia, diaphoresis, decreased urine output, fever. She presented with abdominal pain and fever with history of diverticulosis. A possibility is that she perforated her bowel, which is extremely toxic to the body, causing sepsis. This person belongs in the intensive care unit, needs fluids, vasoactive drugs and an exploratory laparatomy to investigate the abdomen.