How long will I be in surgery during a body lift procedure? I've successfully lost some of my excess weight and I am no longer in the overweight category. As hard as I have tried, the excess skin in my butt and inner thighs will not firm up. I want to hav

7 to 9 hours. I prefer to perform body lifts using IV sedation as patients have a quicker recovery compared to General Anesthesia. I customize the procedure to fit your body frame and the goals you want to achieve and use a technique to give you the thinnest possible scar. Be sure to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon. (
Depends. Thanks for your inquiry. The answer it depends from surgeon to surgeon. It takes me 4-5 hours and I do two a month. Make sure you select a board certified plastic surgeon and ask him/her.
Body lift. Without actually seeing pictures, i can't tell you for sure. But a body lift procedure can be anywhere from 3-10 hours.
Congratulations . Congratulations on your weight loss! a lower body lift is essentially a circumferential tummy tuck, because the incision goes all the way around the body. This is important for people after weight loss surgery or after losing a lot of weight (typically over 100 pounds), because the excess skin extends to the flanks and sometimes the back. Which is in stark contrast to the post-partum patient who only has abdominal excess, and only needs a tummy tuck. Lower body lift is a powerful operation because it not only improves the abdominal contour, but it also creates a buttock lift and modest lateral thigh lift. Lower body lift surgery takes about 5-6 hours. This is a long surgery, and as your anesthesia time increases, so does your risk of complications. The major risk with surgeries of long duration is blood clots (dvt). These blood clots are very dangerous (possibly fatal) if they become dislodged and travel to your lungs (pe). Because of this risk, i tend to have pateints self-adminster an injectable medication to reduce the risk of blood clots during the post-operative period to reduce this risk. For more information: www.Dassmd.Com for more information: www.Dassmd.Com/tummy-tuck/.