What is the treatment for a heat stroke dr. Gave me mag oxide and potassium. Should he have done a blood before giving the meds? I meant blood panel

Hydration. And cooling are key....K or mag only if low on blood test.
Treatment . Treatment for a heat stroke include cooling the body to normal tempurature by either immersing the person in cool water or applying ice packs to the skin. Also, dehydration is one of the clinical manifestations of heat stroke. It is importnant to hydrate the patient with IV fluids and replace fluids. The hydration fluids may have been given intravenously and contained the electrolytes you mentioned (magnesium and potassium). If dehydration was suspected by the physician, it is because you were experiencing physical signs of dehydration such as hot skin, rapid breathing and heart rate and poor skin turgor. It is not always necessary to do a blood test to detemine a need for hydration and need for electrolyte replacement. However if you have questions about your medical treatment, call the hospital or risk mamagement department in the hospital to help facilitate medical record review.