Could gallstones in the pancrias cause blood loss? I have an occasional flair up where my stool is black and tarry (once or twice a month). Nov. 2009 my blood count was 5.6 and was given 4 units of blood. 9 months later my blood count was 6.7 and I was

Hemobillia . Hemobillia (blood in gastrointestinal tract from biliary oirign) is very rare. Obscure causes of intestinal bleeding are mostly from small bowel av malformations, tumors etc. Intermittent episodes of gastrointestinal bleeding remain difficult to diagnose despite capsule endoscopy. Angiography during an active episode of bleeding may provide a diagnosis. Laparoscopy with small bowel examination is some times helpful. Due to the intermittent ocassional episodes of blood loss a definite diagnosis is difficult to make.
Comlex. Gallstone pancreatitis can cause major problems. Pancreatitis period is dagerous. Black stools needs a workup. Considering you have been transfused blood, i'm assuming you have doctors on this. You should really be speaking with them about this. If you are still having gallstone pancreatitis, get your gallbladder removed - period. You need treatment.