Do symptoms of heat stroke or exhaustion last for days I am worried. I had some kind of heat spell a few days ago and didn't go to doctor and I am still having problems. I have still got a bad headache and every muscle in my body aches I am nausus and reall

Heat. The symptoms can hang around for about a week or so. Keep well hydrated and well nourished. If not feeling better shortly get in to see the doctor so it isn't something more serious.
Heat . Heat exhaustion symptoms should resolve one the body has cooled down and is rehydrated. Take your temputature and call your doctor if it is over 104 degrees f. The symptoms you are experiencing can be related to several things such as the flu or other infectious process. Heat stroke, on the other hand, is a serious medical condition requiring emergency medical treatment. You do not seem to be suffering to this condition. Make an appointment to see your doctor to address your current condition.