I had a urine test and was told I have no white blood cells. What does this mean? I was passing blood and it burned to urinate.

Kidney stones. This probably means you probably do not have an infection but still could have stones in any part of the urinary tract. Make sure to drink a lot (>1 gallon) of water daily.

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When you have high levels of nitrates in urine test but show no white blood cells in the urine test what does this mean?

Probable bacteruria. Possible to have a UTI without white cells in urine. Nitrite urine test is usually only positive in presence of bacteria. Suggest you get a urine culture to delineate a uti, identify bacteria & which antibiotics will eliminate them.

What does positive white blood cells and negative nitrites on the urine test mean?

More information. There is more information on a urinalysis that is needed to know what might be going on. Where there red blood cells, leukocyte esterase, etc? Also, why was the test performed in the first place. Please repost the question with more details. It may be that the specimen was not a 'clean catch' meaning it has some contamination and should be repeated.