What does 1+ protein in urine mean? I had a blood test and my dr wants me to see an nephrologist

Proteinuria. Proteinuria is a condition, not a diagnosis. It can be caused by several diseases, among them hiv, diabetes, lupus, membranous glomerulonephritis, among others. You need to see a nephrologist to have a 24 hour urine collected to assess your kidney function and how much protein your urine has in it. The nephrologist will also take blood tests to rule out the conditions, and others, discussed above.
Proteinuria. Protein in the urine that is detected by dipstick is abnormal; it may indicate evolving disease; it needs to be quantified and understood; I agree with referral;

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Urine test protein 2+ for the past 2 visits. Blood test creatinine etc kidney function is ok. What causes protein in urine?

Several causes. Your physician would do well to rule out orthostatic protenuria, the most common cause and utterly harmless. It's ruled out, then begin a workup. There are a host of causes. Read more...

My blood test showed higher level of protein. Was sent for urine test and showed protein in urine. I have had three kidney stones, but none currently.

Protein in urine. Requires follow up with quantification of amount - there are two ways to do this: cup of urine with protein to creatinine ratio mg/mg -- or a 24 hour urine collection. Both are meaningful. Blood tests need interpretation, also. High protein in blood could indicate an evolving disorder that requires characterization with electrophoresis. Urine protein should be characterized with electrophoresis. Read more...