I have burning eyes a sore throat and chills what is it my doctor has no clue and it is not strep

Probably Viral upper. Sore throats are often caused by virus infections and can be treated with tylenol (acetaminophen) and typically settle down in 4-5 days. Itching and watery eyes can be caused by allergies to pollen(hay fever) which is a prpobelm in the early spring season. Most people will have a stuffed nose and frequent sneezing. You may need to visit a doctor for check up and possibly need treatment with antiallergy pills.

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Had sore throat & drainage --- my doc prescribed amoxicillin. Got better but shortly after meds it reappeared. This am woke with crust in eyes.

Might be viral . You could have a viral infection. Symptoms can include a sore throat and general upper respiratory infection, along with eye problems such as redness, tearing, and mucous discharge. This generally passes in its own though certain cases can be quite severe (at least regarding the eyes) and require treatment. Read more...

I've had yellow eyes for some months recently my doctor has prescribed Azithromycin for sore throat. Does it irritate my liver?

It can. Azithromycin can cause hepatotoxicity, which it is liver toxicity. and that can cause jaundice and that can cause yellow sclera and yellow eyes. Read more...