Can I smoke marijuana a few days after a anxiety/panic attack? 2 days ago I had a panic attack while smoking marijuana. I went to the hospital out of fear that it was a heart attack. I had an EKG done, chest x-rays and blood work and the results came back

Probably NOT! There are two major classes of psychoactive ingredients identified in mj: thc which induces hallucinatons and euphoria or dysphoria/panic--being stoned. Cannabinoids which are not intoxicating and which may aid focus and pain relief. Current cultivation of high thc plants has given rise to greater anxiety/panic/paranoia and psychosis in susceptible persons. Negative circumstances can contribute.
It. It is not safe to smoke marijuana if you are succeptible to panic attacks. This is because subtances in the drug can make people feel paranoid and confused - promoting more panic and anxiety. Marijuana is an illegal drug and should be avoided.

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Suffer from panic attacks think I'm having heart attack doctor says EKG and blood work were fine could I still have one? 28yr old female

Panic attacks. More likely to have more panic attacks, talk to your doctor about your panic attack problems.
Quieting What-Ifs. Many young kids are afraid of monsters. We know it's pointless to try to convince them that monsters exist only in their imaginations. In ur case, it's like u've got a child next to u living in fear of u having a heart attack. A psychologist specializing in treatment of anxiety &panic can teach u how 2quiet this child, so to speak. Educate urself about anxiety & panic. See http://www. Anxietybc. Org.

Can severe anxiety and panic attack lead to heart attack with physical signs and symptoms like chest pain? I have normal 2d echo with doppler, ECG resu

Yes. It can. But fortunately it rarely does, it just feels that way. You would have to have significant cardiac disease to begin with to actually have a heart attack during a panic attack.

Cn nightmares cause heart attack? 22, no history of heart probs, frequent anxiety panic attacks, insomnia, BP normal, blood glucose normal, ECG irreg

Nightmares. At age 22- I would try to be less fearful regarding your health. Your nightmares will not kill you. However, if your health anxiety and your panic continue to be a problem - that can cause suffering in your life. Have your considered cognitive behavioral therapy?

Haven't had a panic attack in a year forgot how scary they are can they mimic the symptoms of a heart attack? Had EKG stress echo and x Ray all clean

Glad to hear your. Medical workup was negative. Many people do fear that they are having a heart attack with their first panic attack. Did you have a specific question?
Be happy. You are right, in extreme panic attack you can have chest pain -from temporary coronary spasm. But if didn't have for 1 year and if all investigations are negative, you are learning to survive it and you are probably outgrowing it. Be cheerful, young man. In terms of klonopin, (clonazepam) try to reduce taking it often to avoid dependence. Not sure why you had a livre by. But everything is okay it appears.

How can I differentiate panic attacks or anxiety from heart attack if they have the same symptoms? Normal 2decho jan 2013, ecg, threadmill stress test

Can be hard. Panic attacks can develop rapidly ; include: marked anxiety; rapid, pounding heart beat; chest tightness or pain; shortness of breath with hyperventilation; hot or cold flashes; a sense of butterflies in the stomach, nausea or even vomiting; tingling of mouth or extremities; increased sweating; feeling faint or lightheaded; headache or shaking. there may be difficulty swallowing or tight throat.
At your age. With above normal studies, you are not having or are not going to have a heart attack anytime soon. Take care of yourself and your anxiety disorder. Keep a healthy life exercising and eating healthy. Good luck.
Can be hard. You are right, the symptoms are similar. But with normal echo, ekg, and stress tests, it's quite reassuring that from the heart perspective.
SCARED? You sound like excess anxiety and panic attacks have you worried. Unless you have a pretty specific defect a heart attack is unlikely to be a danger. However, the emotions are giving you some real distress. Getting help when youre not doing well alone is perfectly honorable and really makes sense. Anxiety and panic can be controlled. Psychotherapy and meds will do the best job. Good luck!

Am I at risk of heart attack or stroke if I have high cholesterol and anxiety and panic attack? Mormal 2decho jan 2013, ecg, threadmill stress test

Framingham Risk. Using a respected calculator, the framingham risk calculator (you can google this), assuming a high cholesterol of 250 and normal BP of 130 (even better if lower), your risk of a heart attack is.
Reduce your risk. Well, yes and no. In general, females that have yet to go through menopause have a much lower incidence of heart disease. It is true that high cholesterol is a risk factor and that having excessive stress/anxiety over the long term is damaging to your body, in terms of the negative impact stress has on your body. Stress raises your cortisol level, leading to chronic inflammation, and disease.
A bit. Good choices non smoking weight control exercize cholesterol control-.

How u know when you are having a heart attack. I m 28 and worried. Had the holter blood work EKG echo was fine but had a lot of sharp pain mid chest?

I wouldn't worry. You have had a pretty thorough cardiac work up for someone your age. Heart attacks, although possible are not typically seen at your age unless there are some genetic or other medical issues present. Heart attacks also typically aren't sharp pains, they are classically described as crushing with an inability to catch ones breath. Time to look for other things, reflux, anxiety, etc.