Abdominal aorta bypass due to blockage in the aorta. How long is typical for this surgery? Veins in legs are good. Just blockage in aorta is causing almost no blood flow to legs.

Several hours. Aorto-bifemoral bypass is the operation you are likely having. This procedure usually takes 2 to 3 hours in a normal weight patient without prior abdominal surgery. In obese patients or with prior abd. Surgery it can take longer. You probably have minimally diseased arteries in your legs and so you should have a great result. Make sure a board certified vascular surgeon is performing your procedure. Good luck!
Arteries and veins. Veins and arteries are different. Arteries can become blocked with atherosclerotic plaque while the veins in your legs can still be " healthy" veins take blood to the heart and arteries send blood away from the heart back to legs. Arteries blockage is dangerous and you are right to take care of it to save your legs. Time depends on your doctor nd his team. Just ask him or her.