How will the size of my ears be reduced during ear surgery? I have had large and prominent ears since I can remember and now that I'm going to college I would like to have the ear surgery before I go. Can the surgery make them smaller? If so, how is it do

Yes. Otoplasty is the exact procedure used to treat protruding ears. The procedure works to restore deficient areas in the ear architecture and reduce areas of excess. This is all done to improve aesthetics of the ear and decrease ther protrusion from the head. I would make a consultation with a local surgeon and discuss these options based on your individual ears.
Prominent . Prominent ears are a common problem faced by facial plastic surgeons. There are most commonly two problems that occur to cause a prominent ear. First, there is too much of the auricular bowl (the large bowl shaped area behind the ear canal). Second, the antihelical fold is insufficiently folded. This fold is the ridge of cartllage that looks "y shaped and runs vertically in the normal ear. The surgical procedure to repair this problem is called otoplasty. During otoplasty an incision is made behind the ear and usually some small part of the ear cartilage is removed or sculpted in some way. Also, most surgeons use some permanent sutures to help reshape the ears. So, to answer your questions: yes they can be made smaller with a minor day surgery and usually some tissue is removed. Good luck!