Whats the best birth control for a 16 year old female not for sex reasons but for lighter period cramps and break outs im not worried about getting prego...Just my cramps kill me every month and I break out really bad

Try pills or patch.. Talk to your doctor--if you're otherwise healthy, methods like the pill, the patch, the vaginal ring will give you lighter periods, less cramps, and help your acne.
There . There are many choices out there. Without promoting any particular brand, i suggest you ask your doctor for a birth control pill that has the lowest dose of estrogen. This will help lighten your period and reduce cramps, and will hopefully help with your acne.I like these low dose pills because they tend to have less side effects than higher dose pills. I always tell my patients to give the pill they are using at least 3 months before deciding if it's giving you the desired effects you hoped for. It usually takes about that long for your hormones to stabilize and experince maximum benefit. If not, there are many other choices. You and your doctor can discuss this and decide what's best for your certain situation. Good luck!