What are the risks of mimics and expression impairment following botox treatment for facial wrinkles? I am thinking about botox treatment for facial wrinkles (specifically around the mouth). Having done some research, I was surprised to discover that boto

The risk is real. Botox can reduce facial expressions, but if done correctly the chances are small. Good injectors make sure that there is some movement of the forehead, so that you don't have a frozen look. The risk of injecting Botox around the mouth is that it can cause drooling. Again, if you go with a very experienced injector the risks are lower.
Botox. Injecting Botox around the mouth needs to be done very carefully at first because there can be expression changes. Make sure your doctor has done it in the past and make sure that you are very clear about what kind of results you expect. The good news is that the results are totally reversible but it may take 3-6 months to resolve.
Botox . Botox cosmetic is a purified protein used to relax muscles of facial expression, so yes it will impair some expressions. This is not a complication but the intended result. Some of our facial expresssions are associated with significant lines and deeper furrows which can be improved if the muscles associated with them are weaker than normal. Your smile should never be affected if the Botox is admisinstered appropriately. I have injected thousands of patients and have never seen any smiling problems. Furrows that are afffected would be the glabellar (between the eyes) lines, the crow's feet (corners of eyes) and horizontal forehead lines. Other areas would be the so called "bunny lines" on the top of the nose and some of the fine lines around the lips. With injections from a well trained md--check allergan's site for this information, you should love your treatments as my patients do. Good luck.