Treated w/laser glaucoma open angle, unsuccessful. Now on Xalatan generic and timoptic (timolol). Is there any new treatment? 83 y.O. Male w/ open angle glaucoma; 40 years chronicity. Reccomendation?

Yes. This is a very good but complicated question.You have not given me nearly enough information to render an opinion.If you are hoping to discontinue your eye drops there are several newer surgical procedures which might work. Talk to your eye doctor about these options.
The . The most recent peer-reviewed fda approved treatment for glaucoma is the minimally invasive surgery canaloplasty. Essentially, this surgery is like angioplasty for the eye as it uses a catheter to dilate the natural drainage system. Three year results have recently been published and are objectively impressive when compare to other glaucoma treatments. More information can be found about canaloplasty through the iscience website www.Canaloplasty.Com or by googling "new glaucoma treatments".