Are exercises to treat lazy eye effective? I read that there are exercises you can do, like switching focus quickly from near to far and rolling your eyes, that will help amblyopia. Do these really work? If so, where can I get more information on how to d

They. Don't work. Sorry. There is no effective treatment for lazy eye in adults.
Vision . Vision training by an eye care specialist in vision therapy can be helpful. Also, there is an at home program that can improve vision, www.Revitalvision.Com the program is $995 and needs to be prescribed and monitored by a physician. You can contact the company to find a doctor near you who prescribes this program. It does take a great deal of commitment. Our patients that have the best results commit to 40 minute sessions every other day for 60-90 days. We have seen patients improve 3-7 lines on the eye chart.