I'm 8 month pregnant, I want to take some omega 3 as daily supplement, will that help or hurt or affect my baby? Thank you. If that helps and benefits my baby, what kind of omega 3 should I take? Because I looked for the omega 3 at the pharmacy and there

It is usefull. Increased intake of epa and dha has been shown to prevent pre-term labor and delivery, lower the risk of pre-eclampsia and may increase birth weight. Omega-3 deficiency also increases the mother’s risk for depression. Babies born to mothers who had higher blood levels of dha scored better on the attention tests until 6 months of age, visual learning in older babies at 1 year and 18 months.
Omega . Omega 3 is recommended for pregnant women and you should continue to take it after your baby is born. It will be delivered to your baby in your breastmilk. It has been proven to help develop good eyesight and mental iq in babies, and most american women don't get enough of it in their diet. I recommen the omega 3 supplement form enfamil, the brand that makes formula.