Can revision rhinoplasty be performed on skin affected by burns? I suffered a traumatic accident that caused facial deformities and burns. After multiple plastic surgeries I finally got an acceptable look excepting my nose. A friend of mine, who is a medi

You . You should consult with a rhinoplasty specialist. He will be able to guide you as to your specific situation. Not a ll burns are the same, and each case is unique, thus personal consultation is a must. Best of luck, michel siegel, md.
Maybe. If the skin is abnormal or too scarred on the nose one may consider the rhinoplasty like a nasal reconstruction and use flaps in the case. You should find a rhinoplasty surgeon also experienced in nasal reconstruction. Send your picture to me at dsherris@buffalo. Edu and i will look at it if you like.
Depends. Revision rhinoplasty can be performed to help change the structure which will help change the shape of the nose. If burns are affecting the skin you should seek consultation from a rhinoplasty expert. The soft tissue, both its pliablity and blood supply, can severely limit the possiblity of future rhinoplasty procedures.
Yes. Deeper burns usually cause scar contracture. Reconstruction usually requires cartilage grafting techniques to augment or straighten. Usually septal or ear cartilage is used. Occasionally the skin requires a flap from the forehead or cheek if the contracture is severe and this tissue is not damaged. Find a surgeon specializing in rhinoplasty. This is a complex procedure.
Nasal burns. Rhinoplasty after a nasal burn can be quite challenging and this all depends on the goals that you seek to achieve. Depending on the burn depth, the skin envelope might not heal as well as untouched skin and each manipulation carries additional risk. This being said, revision rhinoplasty can be done, but you would need to be evaluated on an individual basis.
Perhaps. In elevating the skin for a rhinoplasty there is always the issue of good vs bad blood supply. The surgeon would need to access the risk with you in view of your burns.
Yes. Yes revision rhinoplasty can be done on a nose after burns. Depending on the deformity, the involved structures and the amount of tissue available. A plastic surgeon may need to borrow some tissue from elsewhere on your face, ears or body.