What are the signs of tmj? What are the signs of TMJ and what causes it?

Many. Some of the signs..Jaw pain, temporal headaches, jaw fatigue, inability to open, ear pain, achy/sensitive teeth, excessive wear of teeth, history of cracked teeth, neck pain, pain in cheek, ..For more extensive list check the link.... http://www.laserdentistbaltimore.com/tmj-disorder/.
TMJ syndrome. Temporo-mandibular syndrome is the second most frequent cause of orofacial pain after dental pain. TMJ syndrome may cause ear pain, ringing in the ears, jaw locking, jaw clicking and pain behind the ear. Proper diagnosis is the key to successful treatment. See Orofacial Pain expert for a consultation and treatment options.
A few ideas. Causes of TMJ syndrome are not completely understood.. Causes may include, misalignment (malocclusion) of or trauma to the teeth or jaw, teeth grinding (bruxism),, poor posture, stress or anxiety, arthritis or other inflammatory musculoskeletal disorders, excessive gum chewing. Signs: Joint pain, joint noises, limited oral opening. See an oral surgeon for expert advice.
Head Tilt. Various causation theories prescribe a variety of treatments.  my own observation has been chronic head tilting (manifest as unequal superior trapezium muscles) leading to unequal masseter muscles whereby one becomes dominant, hypertrophic, spastic, painful, and causes asymmetric jaw closure, TMJ ligament wear and laxity, & characteristic pain. Explained fully my board chronic pain at quora.Com.
Signs Of TMJ. Signs and symptoms of TMJ disorder when the bite is out of balance, torqueing the jaw joint, the body continuously tries to correct the imbalance, causing a variety of symptoms such as: severe headaches that feel like migraines jaw pain clicking or popping in the jaw joint back and neck pain ear aches and ringing in the ears facial pain limited jaw movement, especially in opening the mouth tooth s.