What is the recovery time after having a procedure done with lipodissolve? I am looking at all of my options for getting cellulite removed from my thighs. Does lipodissolve have a faster recovery time than liposuction? Are there any other benefits to it a

Lipodissolve. Lipodissolve does nothing to improve cellulite. The best treatment for cellulite is cellulaze. If you are just looking for minor fat reduction, lipodissolve can be effective and the recovery time is minimal. Liposuction is much more effective but the recovery time is longer.
Lipodissolve can be dangerous. Lipodissolve is unpredictable and does not help cellulite. Cellulite at 18 for a procedure that would help reduce cellulite, there is a laser treatment called cellulaze that was recently approved by the fda last year. This procedure is proven to show better results after just one session. The outcome lasts one year or longer, but you may need follow up sessions depending on the results. https://pacificcenterplasticsurgery.com/procedures/body/liposuction/.
Ask your doctor. Each patient and each procedure of this type is individualized. Your surgeon is the best source of this infrmation.
Yes, . Yes, lipodissove has a shorter recovery time than liposuction. Liposdissolve entails the injection of chemicals into fatty body areas so that body fat is dissolved and (over a a series of treatments) can reduce the appearance and improve contour of fatty areas on the body. Most patients can return to regular activities right away, following the procedure. Swelling and redness is a common side effect, but do not typically cause restriction on a patient's daily activities. The benefits of lipodissolve, as compared to liposuction, is that it is a minimally invasive option, does not require anesthesia and has a much shorter recovery period.