Does cannabis effectively lower the eye pressure and help manage glaucoma symptoms? I am not considering using it, just want to know if it is an option for me, as I have been struggling with the disease for more than seven years.

It can. Cannabis can effectively lower eye pressure in some people but it has a lot of untoward side effects.
Although. Although marijuana does reduce the pressure in the eye, it only does so while someone is "high." thus, in order for it to be an effective treatment, the person using it would have to be stoned around the clock. Even the most dedicated pot-heads would probably find this to be a bit much. The glaucoma research foundation just came out with a nice summary about marijuana and glaucoma. You can read it by following this link: http://www. Glaucoma. Org/treatment/should-you-be-smoking-marijuana-to-treat-your-glaucoma-1.Php.
Yes it can. But also it can cause symptoms similar to schizophrenia. Do not use it.