Does the surgical procedure for human eye surgery is same as dog when one infected eye ball has to be removed / when the eye is closed after eye ball is rmoved, do you need to have drangae to drane excess by leaving an opening or by tubing?

Enucleation. Removal of an eye or enucleation surgery in humans includes removal of the eye and placement of an orbital implant. Once healed, a prosthesis is fit to match the fellow eye and keep the eyelids in normal position. Tear and other drainage continues as before the surgery (through the lacrimal system into the nose and down the throat).
I . I think you are referring to removal of the eye, or also known as an enucleation. I am not a vet, but in humans, we remove the eye, place an implant, and close the wound with surrounding tissue. They eye drains naturally through the existing tear ducts. If the tear ducts are damaged, then drains can be placed.