How do surgeons deal with facial asymmetries when performing cancer reconstruction surgery? I recently had a surgery for facial melanoma on my left cheek. I will soon undergo facial cancer reconstruction surgery to restore my physical appearance to an acc

Facial recon. There are many options for facial reconstruction. It depends on the defect itself, the location and the surrounding soft tissue. You should see a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon to go over your options.
Reconstruction . Reconstruction following removal of a skin cancer can be a challenging process. Options include placing a skin graft, using local tissue flaps or free tissue transfer. Local tissue flaps that include hair-bearing skin are planned with care to ensure a natural result. Depending on the location of the cancer, it may not always be possible to have hair-bearing skin in a natural position. Hair is unwanted places can be shaved or removed with lasers. Most defects in hair-bearing areas such as the cheek will utilize local hair-bearing skin so loss of hair may not be a problem. Areas such as eyebrows may be reconstructed with hair-bearing flaps or hair transplants.