Is breast implant removal a must if I was diagnosed with breast cancer? I am having a very hard time dealing with my diagnosis of breast cancer. On top of that, my doctor mentioned something about breast implant removal being necessary. I am not sure I wi

Not a must but.... I wonder why your surgeon has recommended this. Certainly you are entitled to obtain a second opinion. While i understand your reluctance for removal, please take this into perspective and do not let the decision to retain your implant interfere with management of the tumor.
Not usually. It depends on the size of the cancer and the ability to obtain a negative margin around the cancer. The implants can stay if this is possible.
The implant . (as opposed to tramflap) is a foreign body, and if you want to conserve the breast and implant, the first step is to rid the breast of tumor and see if there is an option (partial breast xrt) or not. When whole breast is needed, the fibrosis around the capsule of the implant can be painful and tight. You need surgeon, plastics, rad onc to iron out before you start.
Not Necessarily. Breast implant removal is not always necessary when surgery is being performed to treat breast cancer. Whether or not breast implant removal will be indicated will depend on exactly what is planned in your breast cancer treatment. Concerns that may come into play include size of the tumor, location of the tumor in proximity to the position of the breast implant, need for radiation therapy etc.
I'm . I'm sorry about your new breast cancer diagnosis. The answer to your question is very dependent on the treatment plan for your cancer. Having breast implants in place is not a big deal, if mastectomy will be used as the primary treatment for the breast cancer. Breast reconstruction can be performed at the time of the mastectomy. A large number of patients chose to undergo implant based reconstruction (vs flap surgery with your own tissue). Reconstruction is a surgical process, which means that patients will typically need more than 1 operation to complete the reconstruction. Typically, a tissue expander is placed at the time of mastectomy. The breast skin is expanded to a size that the patient is satisfied with. At a second operation, the expander is then replaced with a long-term breast implant. The final result is similar to a natural breast. The goal is to make patients feel comfortable in their clothes. After your reconstruction is complete, other people are unlikely to know that you ever had a mastectomy.
Unusual. Removal of a breast implant is not usually necessary for breast cancer treatment. When it is, the reason should be made clear to you. Ask you doctor why. I would assume that it is to provide you with the best care available. If they cannot provide a good reason, seek another opinion. I recently removed a breast implant for cancer treatment using heat with chemotherapy. It was replaced afterward.