It's painful for me to urinate, but I don't have a uti. What could the problem be?

?Interstitial C'itis. Suspect interstitial cystitis. Pain is often temporally relieved by voiding. Other symptoms can be pelvic or very low abdominal pain, urinary frequency and urgency to urinate, mild blood in urine. Symptoms can be worse after acid urine producing foods or beverages such as oj or tomato sauce, spicy or fried foods etc. Check out www.Interstitialcystitisassociation.Com web site.
Depends on gender. In a male, urinary pain may be from the urethra, prostate or bladder and may be an infection that doesn't show up on urinalysis. Bladder pain in females or males may be from irritants in the diet causing cystitis. A urologist can help sort out these various conditions and provide treatment.