Blood in urine from injury. Should I take my son to the ER or to the doctors office? My 14 year old plays baseball and was hitone in the lower spinal area and then again in the left back rib area by bad pitches from a 16 year old pitcher (pretty hard).

Talk to MD. This is probably a result of the trauma. The easiest thing is to check with a pediatrician or an urgent care center. Most likely will resolve on its own, but i would suggest a check - up.
If . If you can get in to see your doctor right away, it is appropriate to go that route. However, if you are not able to see your doctor right away, then take him to the emergency room. If the blood in his urine is a result of trauma, it is crucial he get assessed right away to ensure there is no further damage to his body, nd no other internal bleeding. It is a good thing that he is not experiencing pain, however as your child did not want to tell you for 2 days that he was seeing blood in his urine, he may also not be telling you that he is hurting. He needs to be seen by a doctor right away. It is better to be safe than sorry.