Is it safe to have vaginoplasty and labiaplasty procedures at the same time? Is it not recommended to have labiaplasty with other surgeries? I would rather be in recovery at one time, instead of having two operations and downtime and recovery for the 2nd

Yes. These operations are very frequently performed together and there is little increase in recovery with one or both. There are many surgeons who are highly trained and experienced in these operations so be sure do do your research before choosing a surgeon.
Yes. Vainoplasty and labiaplasty complement each other and can be performed safely in expirienced hands. Remember it is still a surgery and has certain associated risk. Brignonimd.Com.
Maybe... Talk about this with your surgeon as I have seen cases done elsewhere in which so much surgery was done in one operation that distortion and scarring basically ruined the result.
Yes, . Yes, this can be done safely. While it is safe to have these procedures done at the same time, only a few health care providers will do this. Express your concerns about recovery and cost to your plastic surgeon.
Common combination . This combination of procedures is ps commonly combined. On occasion performing a labia majora reduction and thigh lift may not be advised due to the tension on the incisions and possible vascular compromise.
HI, I . Hi, i frequently perform these two procedures simultaneously. They, in fact, compliment each other nicely. The labiaplasty helps to tighten the vaginal introitus. Obviously you need to work with an experienced board certified surgeon to insure the optimal result. Please feel free to browse my website to examine pictures of simultaneous labiaplasty and vaginoplasty. All my best, daniel medalie, md www.Clevelandplasticsurgery.Com.