Does endermologie have permanent results? I want to have endermologie to make my butt firmer and get rid of cellulite. After I stop the treatment, will my butt sag and will the cellulite come back? When would a repeat treatment be needed?

Butt Cellulite Answers. Cellulite on butt treatments. Endermologie gives minimal and temporary improvement in my expericence for a treatment that would help to reduce your cellulite, there is a laser procedure called cellulaze that was recently approved by the fda last year. This treatment is proven to show better results after just one session. The outcome lasts one year or longer, but you may need follow up sessions depending on the results.
No. Cellulite is an annoying problem to millions of women. It is caused by an uneven superficial fat layer as well as tiny ligaments that hold the skin down. The only effective and fda approved treatment is called cellulaze by cynosure. It is a one time minimally invasive procedure that permanently removes cellulite. For more information go to www.305plasticsurgery.Com/cellulaze.
Endermologie. The results of endermologie are totally temporary. The only truly effective way to reduce cellulite is with cellulaze. This is an fda approved treatment and ideally should only take one session. Clinical studies have shown a 60% improvement with one treatment.
It . It is not perm. But after the orginal series of treatments usually once amonth wii maintain you.