Sleeping problem and forgetting after getting out of abusive relationship my husband was arrested for domestic violence felony charge. I was abused for 2 years. Now I'm away from him I should be feeling safer and better. But things has been strange. My si

Takes time. After being abused by a loved one it takes time to heal. Not only were you physically hurt, your trust was violated by him. Now that you are not being abused now you will need time to build up your self esteem, develop trust in others and to learn to trust yourself. Exercise, spend time with friends or others you feel comfortable with and talk with them about this if you can.
PTSD. Even after leaving an abusive relationship, the symptoms of ptsd, such as you describe can remain. Just like a physical wound, an emotional wound needs to heal. See your physician and a therapist that specializes in domestic violence.
PTSD. It is likely you are experiencing symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder.There are effective treatments. Suggest you see a psychotherapist experienced in dealing with this disorder.
There . There are two parts to your question. For the first part, I am concerned that you may have post traumatic stress disorder, and may be having flashbacks to the violence that you endured. I urge you to seek counseling for this. For the second part, where you have difficulty judging distances, did you have a prior head injury or eye socket injury? You should be medically evaluated for this. Some physicians will give free services to battered women and you can ask your local womens shelter if they have a physician you could see.