Can an areola reduction be performed at the same time as other breast alteration surgeries? My breasts have been gradually sagging for a little while. (gravity is starting to take hold.) now, my areolae seem to be getting bigger or longer. My doctor says

Absolutely.. Absolutely. In fact, the areola diameter is nearly always reduced during a breast lift or breast reduction surgery. However, over time, the areola size and shape may change. The areola nearly always stretch back to a larger size. This is highly dependent on the quality of your skin, and since you are considering a lift, that means that your skin has the propensity to stretch.

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How will an areola reduction affect my ability to breast feed? Will an areola reduction surgery affect my ability to breast feed if I decide to have children? .

The. The only thing that will affect the ability to breast feed is cutting the ducts within the breast. A straight areolar reduction should not need to cut into the breast at all so the breast feeding should not be affected.
As. As long as the ductule structure of the breast is intact you still should be able to nurse. Usually when we reduce the areola it is only skin. Www. Beautybybrueck.
Possibly. Depending on exactly what type of procedure is performed (best discussed with your plastic surgeon), some patients are not able to breast-feed after any type of breast surgery that involves incisions around the areola. Again, best to check with your plastic surgeon for more specific advice/predictions. Best wishes.