Should xray tech require patient to wear protective shield during a neck xray, because mine did not just wondering if shield is required because I worry about exposure to radiation

Yes. There is no dose relation between xray exposure and developing cancer so an apron would be appropriate to request when getting an xay.
The . The use of a protective shield for for patients during an xray is very typical in most x-ray departments and is typically mandated by regulations administered by the state you are in. Usually the only shielding for the patient that is required is to shield the patient's reproductive organs if theorgansare in the path of the xray beam. During a neck x-ray, the beam would not be near the reporductive organs, so unless mandated by organizational policy, would not be necessary. This is because the xray beam is focused on the neck and the possible radiation exposure to the patient, due to radiation that scatters after the image is taken, is very minimal.