I am 48 year old female with bolus lung disease. The bolus is huge, and I am seeing a surgent this week what can I expect if I have surgery? What is the survival rate? Or is my best option to just live healthy with exercise and diet

Bullous . Bullous lung disease is a result of emphysema of the lungs. Emphysema destroys the small air sacs that are at the very end of the airways. As they get destroyed, they coalesce and form larger air sacs that do not function well. In some people with emphysema, these large aggregations lead to very large pockets of air called blebs or bullae. Unfortunately, these bullae can get so large, they can trap air and put pressure on the relatively normal lung tissue impairing the ability for the relatively normal lung tissue to function. Sometimes surgical removal of the bullae relieves pressure on the normal lung tissue allowing it to function better and get oxygen into the body and carbon dioxide out of the body. The surgeon will determine whether lung reduction surgery is needed and is safe.