Is facial rejuvenation safe? What are the biggest risk factors when it comes to facial rejuvenation? Aside from the dangers of surgery, what other kinds of side effects are possible post-procedure? Have the chemicals or instruments used to perform these p

Facial . Facial rejuvenation is a very broad topic and includes surgical procedures, laser procedures, injectables, chemical peels, and skin care. It is almost impossible to relate possible side effects of all of these in this forum. Please be more specific.
Risks are low. Typcially the risks from facelift surgery are low in the hands of an experienced surgeon. The complications may relate to the extent of the surgery. Some minimally invasive facelifts have very few problems but may acheive subtle results. More extensive procedures may increase the potential for scarring, partial or complete, temporary or permanent sensory or motor nerve compromise, hematoma, etc.