What does this stuttering mean? A few moths back we sent my mom to the hospital because she had all the symptoms of a stroke, the hospital could not find anything that could have caused a stroke and told us they didn't know what it was. When my mom came h

The . The mechanism ofr stuttering is not fully understood, but research points to the following possible links: 1. Neurogenic injury: (i.e. Stroke or head trauma) as a result of discord between brain components used in speaking with muscles/nerves. 2. Psychogenic stuttering: as a result of emotional trauma or mental issues that affect reasoning/thought. 3. A manifestation of dementia onset in elderly. Observe your loved one for other signs of dementia such as memory loss, difficulty completing tasks, confusion, misplacing things and inablity to re-trace steps. 4. Medication induced stuttering: epileptic brain activity due to taking clozapine.