Question, about a friend's depression any suggestions, about a person, who moved to florida, and now has no interest, in anything-----thoughts, of, suicide-----trapped----in a prison-----loss of apatite----feels alone----used to get into, collections---g

See psychologist. Your friend needs professional help. Dr. Kordansky is a phd clinical psychologist with a certification in health. She trained at emory university and can be found at (561) 750-2338. She is very personable and is loved and respected by her patients.
A disrupted life. Although the source of the depression cannot be determined from what you say, your friend needs to know that moving to a new community and the disruption of social supports that causes can result in a great deal of psychological distress. In addition to a psychiatric evaluation your friend should be encouraged to meet people and become part of the community even if this feels unnatural and hard.
Your . Your friend is lucky to have someone like you in their lives. If your friend is having ideations of suicide, get help and tell his family. It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to a person's call for help. If your friend is depressed and talks about suicide, it is important to get him help and treatment.