Continued numbness right hand, thumb and finger beside thumb stays numb and finger has been for months.

Nerve irritation. Sounds like you have a median nerve irritation, possible carpal tunnel syndrome with the fingers/thumb you are talking about. You need to see a dr. And get properly diagnosed and treated. Good luck.

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My right hand has been numb for 5 hours from my ring finger to my thumb. My pinky is not though. What might this be? Was like this when I got up today

Carpal tunnel. The fingers you describe are innervated by the median nerve (half of the ring finger to the thumb) which goes through the carpal tunnel. Carpal tunnel syndrome can cause those symptoms you are having. See a dr. For an evaluation and treatment. Best wishes.

I have numbness in my thumb first finger and middle finger on my right hand for the last two days what could be the cause of this?

Carpal tunnel. Numbness in the thumb, index, and middle finger are classic signs of carpal tunnel syndrome. If this does not improve within 1-2 weeks, see your physician to discuss treatment options.
Carpal tunnel is. Associated with altered sensation in the thumb, index, middle and part of the ring. It can affect the muscles of the thumb. Symtpoms can be intermittent, occasional or severe and long standing. Testing such as a nerve study/emg is often used to aid diagnosis and gauge severity. Treatment can range from splinting to injectons and even surgery. A very common disorder; many function well despite it.

I'm left handed but am having a lot of numbness in my right hand mostly in my thumb, pointer, and middle finger mostly at night but daytime as well?

Carpal tunnel…? Most likely, you have carpal tunnel syndrome. This can be caused by a variety of things, and does not always affect the dominant hand. Try wearing a wrist brace (available over the counter) on your left hand at night for a couple of weeks. If it doesn't improve, see your doctor.

I had numbness in my right hand and fingers for three days and now it's moved into my left thumb as well. Should I be concerned?

While a number of. Possibilities exist by far the most common cause for your symptoms is median neuropathy, or "carpal tunnel syndrome". A quick trip to your doctor for an exam will settle the issue and give you some guidance.
See doctor. It may be a nerve compression so see your doctor.

Why numbness in thumb, index and middle finger on the right hand during sleep?

Tingling. Pain, numbness, tingling, weakness and night pain are the most common symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.
Carpal tunnel. You must have your hand folded down sometimes during sleep. If you hold that position for long enough, carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms can result. Wear a wrist brace specifically designed for carpal tunnel when you go to sleep. Be sure it has a firm support like plastic of metal to keep the wrist in good position. Don't get a completely soft wrist brace since that's not adequate.

What would cause the tips of my thumb and every finger on my right hand to go numb, within 3-4 minutes when holding my cell phone in that hand.

Vague. A thorough history, duration, length of time with the numbness, activities, prior health concerns- hard to say. I would call a Dr. And be checked- carpal tunnel syndrome, pinched nerve, other???

I did some construction today and used a hammer a lot everytime I use it my right hand thumb and sometimes the two closest fingers go a little numb is?

Possible. Carpal tunnel. See a hand specialist.
Anatomically, the... Pattern fits carpal tunnel syndrome. If it only happens after using your hand for a lot of vigorous exercise, monitor your symptoms. If it is a one-time thing, don't worry about it. If it worsens or begins to occur without activity or to wake you up at night, get it checked out by your doctor or a hand specialist. Good luck!