Seven months after cataract surgery on my right eye, I developed CME. I have been using Prednisone and Bromday twice a day. I also had a Kenalog injection a week ago, although colors are more vivid in one eye. Treatment of Cystoid Macula Edema?

Consider this. Cme developing 7 months after cataract surgery is so unusual, i question the diagnosis. There are many possible causes of swelling the macula. For example, there could be vitreomacular adhesion causing macular edema.
CME . This far after surgery, you may have vitreomacular traction syndrome causing the cme. Thiscan occur if the vitreous jelly does not release the retina like it is supposed to. See a retinal doctor to check off this and consider vitrectomy to release the traction if the other therapies are unsuccessful.
Cystoid . Cystoid macular edema usually responds to the type of treatment you are having. Kenalog (triamcinolone) injections can be repeated. It seems your doctor is trying the best possible treatment.