Is bloody urine a sign that bladder cancer has penetrated the wall of the bladder?

No. The amount of blood seen in the urine does not correlate with the degree of tumor invasion into the bladder muscle. The gold standard to determine the extent of invasion into the bladder muscle is to perform a special biopsy and evaluate for muscle invasion. One can have a little bleeding in the urine with a lot of muscle invasion or a lot of bleeding without muscle invasion.
Bloody urine. Not really. Superficial papillary tumors often bleed more than invasive tumors.

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Is blood in urine a sign of bladder cancer?

Needs attention. It is not normal to have even a trace blood in the urine, it could simple infection, or early kidney damage, or even a tumor need to see your physician to find the cause.
Not necessarily. Hematuria can be caused by tumors, infection, foreign bodies (i.E bladder stones), trauma (including procedures) to name a few. It should be evaluated with a good history/physical exam, cystoscopy and an imaging study (usually a ct scan). Urine culture with sensitivity (before cysto) and urine cytology. Depending on findings other tests or procedures may be indicated.

What are symptoms of bladder cancer? Lot of pain detected trace of blood in urine

Before. Before I tell you possible symptoms, it is very important to let you know that the pain and blood you describe could be from an infection or conditions other than cancer. Possible symptoms of bladder cancer include blood in the urine, pain with urination, feeling the need to urinate more often, back pain, abdominal pain, loss of appetite and losing weight. If you have pain and bloody urine, you should see your doctor so that he or she can determine and treat the cause. Stay well.
Blood. Blood in the urine, whether visible or a trace on dipstick, is the most common way bladder tumors present. If you have blood in your urine you need to see a doctor and get it checked. Best wishes.

Fearful re: bladder cancer. Have had microscopic blood in urine for nearly 2 years. Told due to warfarin. Now bladder not completely emptying. Often.

Let's see. I think you're going to get a cystoscopy. This should settle the question of possible bladder cancer.
Urologist. Would recommend a urologic evaluation for hematuria and voiding dysfunction.
Not necessarily... Blood in urine could be caused by multiple reasons. Most commonly UTI and stones. When it is painless it's worrisome for possible cancer but not necessarily. If you have been evaluated and already told it was caused by Coumadin (warfarin) most likely that is the reason. A cystoscopy gives a reliable diagnosis. Your symptoms could be caused by UTI so I advised you to see your pcp or urologist to evaluate further.