Is my condition a neurological problem or muscle problem? I have been having lower back pain for several months. I have been told that I have a weak back and tense muscles. I have taken aquatherapy. Help very little, may need to keep doing that. I have st

See PCP. Chronic lower back pain without associated leg pain, numbness or tingling most likely does not have a neurological basis. This is usually associated with spondylitis, degenerative disc disease or spinal instability. There may problems in other organ areas such as liver, kidney pancreas, stomach, etc. See your pcp for a thorough evaluation & referral to the appropriate specialist if necessary.
Back pain treatment. Most back pain is musculoskeletal (coming from the muscles). This is best treated with stretching, strengthening and careful attention to ergonomics (avoiding injury due to awkward positions and repetitive stress). Non-steroidal anti inflammatories (nsaids) can be beneficial as well. Ask your doctor about exercises for back stretching and strengthening and other treatments.
Persistent LBP. Since your pain is persistent, you should have an exam and possible diagnostic studies done with a physician who specializes in musculoskeletal and neurological pain such as a physiatrist. You may be suffering from something mechanical, neurological or it may be referred or a symptom of something else going in the body. Seek help and good luck.
Any . Any time a person experiences pins and needles with or without numbness, it is considered a neurologic problem. More information would need to be known such as what health care professional gave you that diagnosis of a "weak back and tense muscles"? How did that person or persons arrive at that diagnosis- (mri, emg, lab evaluation...)? A neurologic evalation would certainly be reasonable to help answer these questions. Good luck.