Is it possible to have a positive pelvic exam for pregnancy but, have a negative blood test? I went to my ob after 2 positive hpts and 1 negative. She did a pelvic exam and determined I was approx. 6 weeks along. She said she was 95% sure that there was

Hpt pos. If you had a positive and then negative HPT this is likely a "chemical pregnancy" . A pelvic exam alone, without ultrasound, cannot diagnose an intrauterine pregnancy. A transvaginal ultrasound documenting an intrauterine pregnancy in the first trimester is the "gold standard" for pregnancy confirmation.
You . You should probably have an ultrasound. Pelvic exam, especiall early on in pregnancy, is not very good at determining a pregnancy. Since it has been 2 months, you probably have more information now. It is possible to have a positive blood test and negative urine pregnancy test, this is very rare if the number in the blood test is above 50.